How to Get Pregnant With a Baby Girl – Tips To Have A Daughter


Consider these tips to get pregnant with a baby girl if you are trying to conceive a daughter. Please note that the tips are not all based on scientific fact, although a number do have a basis therein. Certainly give them a try, as anecdotal evidence suggests that they can work.

First of all, let’s consider why it is important for some couples to have a daughter.

For some, is simply down to the fact that they wish to balance out a family which is dominated by sons. Although there is no doubting the fact that a family full of little boys makes for some very happy times and some great brotherly bonding, bringing a little girl into the mix just seems to nicely balance things out. For some women, bringing a daughter into the family has the potential to make for a great companion in years to come. Females do tend to share many interests, such as fashion and shopping and the thought of going out with your own little girl at some point in the future is attractive to some escort geneva.

The Nature of the Sperm

Knowing how sperm function can really help when it comes to having a child of the gender of your choice. The baby conceived from the union of the sperm (from the father) and the egg (from the mother). Science says that the sperm for baby girls are more durable and robust compared to the sperm for baby boys. However, the latter travels faster than the former.

If you wish to conceive a baby girl, the goal is to prevent the baby boy sperm from meeting with the egg first to give way to the baby girl sperm. If you are wondering how to do this, an effective method is to avoid having an orgasm during intercourse. You should encourage your spouse to perform shallow thrusts of his penis instead of deep penetration. With shallow thrusts, it will be more likely that the baby girl sperm reaches the egg first. This is due to the fact that when orgasm happens further away from the cervix, the sperm have further to swim and the robust female sperm are more likely to win.

Sweet Benefits

Another tip on how to get pregnant with a baby girl relates to your food intake. Some scientific studies have backed this tip showing favorable results. These studies support the theories that if you wish to conceive with a baby girl, eat sweet.

Eating sweet and sugar food has the following benefits in conceiving with a daughter:

* Sweet food has the ability to lower the acid-alkaline level in the body, an environment that is conducive for the baby girl sperm and disadvantageous for the baby boy sperm

* The sugars from sweet food highly favors the survival of baby girl sperm

Wish Upon the Stars

When looking at how to get pregnant with a baby girl, if you are fond of astrology, then you may want to consider the following. Using ancient chart from Chinese astrology, you should be able to tell the gender from the mother’s age at the time of conceiving. This is a ritual handed down from tradition, and many mothers have already sworn by the truth of it. It works something like this – say that you are 25 years old today and you want to get pregnant with a baby girl. If you are to follow the Chines lunar calendar, the best months to conceive your baby daughter are January, April, May, and July. Of course, this sounds very much like an anecdotal theory, but you should be aware that it exists as some people are convinced that it will work!

There are many other ways on how to get pregnant with a baby girl. Tips are everywhere on the internet, in forums and on various helpful sites. You just have to use your prudent discretion, and if you believe that the tips are sensible enough, there is usually nothing wrong in following them, providing they are not detrimental to your health.

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