Spirituality is what we can experience and it is not that we can theoretically explain it to others but it is the thing that can only be felt somewhere deep inside of our so-called consciousness means the soul. Spirituality has a very strong impact in our society, whether we talk about past or consider the future, it has a very big hand to create the future and destiny of an individual.


Understanding Black-Magic

Black magic generally referred to as the usage of the supernatural strengths or so-called magic for fulfilling the shelf desired need or for harming others. Black magic is generally referred to as the counterpart of white magic. With the usage of white magic we try our best to help others where as black magic we try to bring out the best possible profit for us even if it would take the harm of others we don’t care جلب الرزق. In the 16th and the 17th century, natural magic was popular among the high class society and educated people where as ritualistic magic and the traditional magic was termed as sign of illiteracy and people used to discriminate that magic in the 16th and 17 century. In practical world, there is no one who can say with utmost believe that black magic exists or not but since people from a very long time has been  experiencing these kind of things so it has been believed that things like these exist in this world. Black-Magic is generally referred as malevolent act or termed as deliberately causing harm to others in order to bring the maximum profit for ourselves.

This magic is termed with letter “K” and a more to know


It is the magic which is termed with the letter K simultaneously and called “magic” or “black magic” or “dark magic”. It was believed that in the past there were used to be secret incarnations or spells that which is used in order to bring impossible things happen in reality but in the present society is generally term with deception or as a clever art. In the past times it was believed that by the help of secret incarnations or magic spells which is can talk to dead people or can fly into the heavens and many more such stuffs.


It is believed that this black magic is based on natural and Supernatural forces which exist along with the basic forces that are present in our earth like weak gravitational force strong gravitational force weak nuclear force strong nuclear force. Black magic is also considered with regard to Satanism and Devil worship.

At the Renaissance, many magical rituals and practices were in a broad sense started considered as Black magic was indeed considered as negative impact the society termed as a religious and a curse to the society as well. In particular the term black magic is most commonly saved for those in charge of calling the demons up, negative and evil spirits and using those magic to destroy crops and considered of the capability of leaving the earthly body and travelling large distances in Spirit. Voodoo has also been considered and associated and black magic but voodoo has its own distinct and traditional history and traditions that has very little similarity with the modern witchcraft kind of things and similar practices.



Like its counterpart the white magic, the history of black magic can be clearly seen in the in book of Robert M. Place published in 2009 whose name was “Magic and Alchemy” based on the traditional rituals and believe. Place the writer of “Magic and Alchemy” also provides a wide modern meaning of both the white as well as black magic, termed instead to call these as “high level magic” (white) simultaneouly with “low level magic” (black) but based totally on intentions and thoughts of the practitioner who is executing it in order to do either the self-less helping deed for the other or trying to fool someone and trying to bring out the best possible profit. The writer confirms that this in a much broader definition (of “high level;” and “low level”) deals from the high-level discrimination because of good-intentions (with a thought to bring a positive outcome to society) folk magic may also called “low” because of low-fund involved in it while the magic with quality rituals involving costly or exclusive things and items may be termed by some experts as “high magic”, without considering the intention. Unlike the so-positive white magic, in which Robert M. Place sees parallels with efforts to develop closeness with spiritual beings by going into different consciousness states, the practices that gets converted  into modern “black magic” were developed to call those same spirits to cultivate beneficial, evil and so called-mean results for the practitioner.


In modern scenario, the difference between “black magic” and “white magic” is quite very clear and most modern meanings emphasis on intent as the idea given by Robert M. Place in his book “Magic and Alchemy” rather than practice means how it has been executed regarding how much fund or money has been raised in order to achieve that. 

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