Lessons From an Alumni Football Game


Since a few of you may or may not know, I played in a alumni football game this weekend. It had been my older high school’s alumni football players versus our rival high school’s alumni. It felt awesome to set the pads on again and play the game which we all clearly love a lot . I presumed I was in pretty good shape getting in to the game, but I quickly realized that my practice leading to the game did not prepare me to play with an full 60 minute, full-contact match from begin to finish, playing crime (wide receiver), defense (free safety), and also unique teams (kick returner, kickoff group, punt coverage). Additionally, I managed to crack my middle finger and also incur a wonderful gash in my left forearm after laying out for a ball (thank you very far ARTIFICIAL GRASS), and three blisters on my feet (again, thanks artificial grass). Could it be worth it all? You bet! Following is a few things I heard after playing at the match this past weekend.

1.) Prepare Months Ahead of Time! This should hold true to all athletes training to competition, but the preparation for intense sports should be done months and months ahead of time. I coached as I do, don’t get me wrong, but my elimination was lacking! The ability to run repeated sprints with full effort immediately diminished. Had the proper conditioning and basic fitness been there I presume my performance might have been much different i.e. managed to go full go without fear of wrecking, etc.. . I know a lot better than that, but this really is the way we learn as coaches and athletes. It was apparent to me how many of those players on either side were lacking in physical prep as there were innumerable pulled hamstrings and other muscle injuries which might have been prevented by some hard training 3 4 months outside. This makes more incentive to remain busy because we begin to drift off out of our competitive athlete playing days.แทงบอล

2.) Discipline, Accountability, and Duty – This game was for pleasure, but all us paid to playwith; most of these profits went straight back into our own high schools’ athletic programs. However, as soon as we chose action and forked over the $, all us were counting on one another showing up and play. Additionally, after you step onto that area, you’re required to learn your job and assignments and also function without any fear or hesitation. This goes to your gymnasium as effectively; if you train in little groups (that I recommend), you need to show up and perform. One weak-minded person or some body that’s always late for training and eats like shit, parties 24/7, sleeps 3 hrs also turns upward to train brings the whole group (team) down. Hold yourself accountable, be on time, and then perform with some intensity at the fitness center!

3.) Never quit – we dropped 15-6, that’s no problem with me as it was for pleasure anyways. But it kills me when a team rolls over and enables the other continue to run the score up as they are down by a couple scores. If something goes wrong (it’s going to!) , a person’s true character will reveal. Will you continue to struggle, or will you give up? It’s all about how you handle adverse situations. The true warriors will proceed to proceed until they can’t, whilst the physically and emotionally weak can provide up. Same is true for your training. So you aren’t getting stronger; what exactly are you really going to take action? Will you keep on your course you’re on, or are you going to attempt to create tweaks in your lifestyle and examine what’s going wrong? Therefore that you gained a few pounds as a result of lousy eating this weekend; what exactly are you really going to take action? Never give up and stay the course!

I’d like to hear what sports have educated you about training and life in general. Leave me a comment below and allow me to know exactly what your ideas are! Football has taught me a lot, that is why I presume team sports are critical for personal development and character building.

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