Advantages / Disadvantages of Flat Roof


Aesthetically magnificent with added elements like glass, lights, pergola layout etc..

Quicker construction and now is a lot easier to work with.
Initial price is less compared to sloped roof, considering the low need of materials and labour.
Not preferred in regions having heavy rainfall as it is harder for water to completely empty outside. Water will likely be thicker and will result in serious harm to a roof. Additionally when water is transported at the roof, odds are roof could undergo collapse or leakage.
Comparatively diminished upkeep and life required as a result of buildup of water roofings blog.
Takes in greater heat considering that air distance and atmosphere circulation between living area and roof.
You’ll loss the chance to employ an attractive roof, because usage of roofing tiles / roofing sheets won’t be as relevant as they don’t have a view out of outside.

Benefits / Cons of Slopped Roof

Gives a traditional, classic and royal style into your residence, coupling with outside decors suiting the theme.
Gives you amazing possibility to add a crown for your house and showcase the beauty of your roofing tiles / sheets. Installing an attractive roofings can offer your c treasured and aesthetically advanced outlook. Take a look at the roof tile shade selector to observe any samples.
Famous to their long life and reliability.
Highly favored in regions having good amount of rain, since this may completely drains the water out completely. Using roof sheets or rooftiles will see to it that the drinking water not gets settled into your patio
First cost might become greater than horizontal roofing as it takes more labour and materials.
Heat will likely undoubtedly be more lesser compared to horizontal roofing. There’ll be air area and venting because of the slanting structure and elevation, efficiently leading in low temperatures on account of this air circulation.
Temperature might be


reduced by usage of heat defying roofings.


Assessing both the structures, it is very clear that in a place such as kerala, where there’s is certainly rainfall for 6 months, Slopped roof composition is preferred over the apartment roof framework . The slightly greater initial charge will be balanced within the plan of time, by the lower routine maintenance price. Slopped roof tile also gives you greater substitute for add some flavor to your own homes by roofing tiles / roofing sheets, even more opposition to heat and also a more durable roof with more extended lifespan.

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