Reviving That Old Weave With Deep Conditioning

Even the best weaving hair can use resuscitation from time to time. If you’re like most women who consider their weave a part of their character, then I know you spend the big bucks on your hair. However, even top quality hair needs a makeover after a few installs, and today, we’re going to give you tips on reviving that old weave with deep conditioning.

If you wear weave — I don’t care how great the quality is, you HAVE experienced at some time or another, those dreaded tangles, that matted look that just screams, GIRLLLL help!! You can take it out and make another expensive purchase or you can try deep conditioning and bring your old weave back to life.

Did you know that deep conditioning will rid your hair of that dry dog look? Yes, the matted dry dog look. You know what I’m talking about — you’ve seen the women walking around with designer clothes, flawless makeup and hair looking a hot mess! Don’t you just want to snack them up and give them a reality check?

I know that would never be you and to be of that, let’s take a moment and review how deep condition can improve your hair so you don’t ever become that girl.

First you need a wide tooth come and a cup of water about half-full. If the weave needs washing please do so first or wet it and then use take your time to comb out the kinks, knots, and matted areas.

You would think a brush would work better, but don’t do it — this causes major breakage and we don’t want that. You want to use a wide tooth comb, working from the ends inward. When you come across those matted sections or knots, use your fingers to detangle. DO NOT just run the comb through and yank the hair. Trust me, you will pull out some of the hair. You know what I mean, you hold on to a part of it and pull as hard as you can to get the kinks out. DON’T DO IT! Trust me, you will pull out some of the hair.

Once all of the tangles are out, it’s time to condition the hair. This will open the hair cuticles and bring back that luster and shine that you loved so much when you first had your bundles installed.

Now it’s time to condition the hair. Be sure to use a good amount of conditioner — don’t be stingy. You want to work it into the hair so it can loosen up those untamed areas and snap your hair back into its original curl pattern and shine. Follow the instructions on the label and rinse. Now let your hair dry.

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