Why Should You Choose a Translation Agency?


Companies worldwide are struggling with the financial catastrophe, making important reductions with their operational costs. On the other hand, they’re attempting to enlarge their organizations to a large, international scale. This can be done only with texts getting interpreted and products being localized.

There’s obviously an option between Redovisningsbyrå directing origin texts into freelance translators or translation bureaus. Though freelance translators usually charge less, there’s a number of factors that are advantageous to translation agencies.


Translation bureaus offer you careful and well-developed project administration. They often hire specialists in direction, customer support, delivery and development. Due to that, translations are looked after with a group of people who are employed in their specialist areas, from translators, through admin workers, to development managers.


Agencies very often offer top quality of translation. This is only because they’ve a group of translators and proofreaders who cross-check translations, rather than owning just one translator. Additionally, non-translation staff will help in maintaining top quality. Quality should always represent and reflect the company.

Professionalism and responsibility

Agencies usually are more professional, more organised and accountable than just freelancers. They have managed to create a reliable procedure and they know their procedures. They tend to be more reliable, concerned about their standing.


Translation bureaus translate a lot more texts compared to freelancers, therefore their experience in dealing with specific texts and issues is considerably more extensive. Agencies also utilize Terminology Management tools helping them in maintaining consistency and using their experience in texts that are new.


Submitting translation mission to an agency usually involves a set on the opposite side. A translation service is not 1 person, therefore the responsibility for its conclusion of this project is shared between groups of men and women.


Agencies are much more efficient to find reliable pros or consultants to help them in resolving translation-related issues. They generally have a pool of professionals to help them collaborate on the project as proof readers or editors.

Past clients

Translation services assert that a good record of these past clients and are simple to be verified. A rich list of past clients ensures the quality and reliability of translation.

Further assistance

Agencies may also be able to give further help with texts, such as Desktop Publishing, editing, preparing for print. Translation bureaus very often maintain a whole network of co-operating organizations and it is much easier to negotiate the full package. Agencies very often also provide localization professionals, as well as inter cultural guidance.

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