Solutions for Flavourless Frizzy Hair

Rain is definitely the weather that many girls hate. Why? Because once a drop falls on beautifully straightened hair it frizzes up. Many girls don’t appreciate the electrocuted look at all. Here are some tips that can avoid or minimise frizzy hair.

The quickest and easiest way to hide this hair problem is by tying it up into a bun immediately. Not everyone is equipped with the finest products and hairdryers on the spot so it’s best to make sure you always have a hair tie or clip. In the end when you undo that bun you will have lovely locks.

Try not to touch your head too much. The more you touch your hair, the more moisture gets left on the strands. You need to avoid getting any form of liquid close to your hair.

Using hair products that contain silicone can help keep it tamed. The silicone helps to seal the strands as well as give it a shiny look that feels silky. Silicone can be found in selected products such as shampoo, conditioner, hairspray and gel. Check the label to be sure.

Before going straight to the hairdryer, allow your hair to air dry. The last thing you want to do is use a brush on wet hair. Using brushes on wet hair causes split ends. In other words you will have denser and thicker hair which is ideal for moisture to attack.

Your hair needs to be completely dry before you step foot into the damp and down weather. Your cuticle is the main component that causes frizz. It will only take five minutes for your hair to cool down after you use a hot iron or a hairdryer.

If you are the kind of girl that doesn’t use styling techniques then you could easily add gel before it is completely dry. No styling is involved as it is just another layer of hair product. You want to avoid the spikey rocker look when going to work so ensure that the gel has a light hold styling option.

Try to avoid using a hot iron too often. Moisture is attracted more to the intensely dried hair. Also comb your hair instead of brushing it. Brushing splits the strands and leaves it susceptible to frizz.

Anti-frizz serums are a great way to avoid frizz especially you have stubborn locks. These serums are quite popular and can be found in any cash and carry wholesaler.

Sometimes it seems like your hair has a life of its own and without hesitation it will decide to frizz. Take care of your gorgeous locks. If you look after it now and consistently, you will look and feel beautiful all the time.

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