Having Great Sex: My Secrets of Dirty Talking


I love getting my boyfriend to do exactly what I want in bed, and he loves it when I do so. He calls me all kinds of names; we use all sorts of slang and dirty words during sex. You might think we get tired of dirty talking within a few months but we have been together for 6 years but our sex feels like a new experience each time. When my boyfriend and I started seeing each other, it was a regular kind of relationship, sex was normal and we had too much ‘mutual respect’ for each other.

How Dirty Talking Started
When sex started getting weird and so monotonous, I suggested that we spice it up a little with dirty talking and to my surprise; it was what my boyfriend had in mind all along. It is just that someone had to bring it up. We realized that dirty talking actually improved our sex lives because the talking is what brought the best out of us. It was easier to tell him what to do, and there was no chance of him misreading the signals. From our first weird dirty talking sex, it only got better from there on. It can be better for you and your partner too but what should you know consulta de cpf usando o nome da pessoa?

How to Start Talking Dirty
My first tip to you is, if you are shy, start slow. It is OK to giggle or blush the first time you ask your man to bite your nipple or squeeze your breasts. You will be the only people in the room and what the other person thinks should not matter at all. If you feel like talking dirty once or twice only, that is fine. Whisper in his ear the things you want and expect a response. You should only shout it loud when you are positive your partner is comfortable with where it is going.

Leaning the Tricks
The first time will be weird – no matter how prepared you are. However, the second time will be easier and more casual. When you make love, ask (request, order or beg depending on the mood or passion) your partner to do one or two things, only make it louder this time than the first time. Over time, you will find that talking dirty in bed is fun, easy and very romantic as you will have a chance to experience sex with many different people with the same person!

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