Don’t Use A Needle Valve To Control Your Air Cylinder Speed!


Many industrial machines with compressed air as an energy source, use air cylinders or other pneumatic actuators to do the true function.

Compressed atmosphere is’explosive’ because it goes from high pressure to reduce pressure on it’s way back into air. That means if the atmosphere compressor shifts and atmosphere flows into the air, the cylinder piston and rod motions exceptionally quickly. A high speed cylinder rod may not be best for your own application, and also you are going to want to reduce the rate and also the impact.

1 easy technique of managing the rate of a air purifier would be installing flow controllers in the atmosphere lines between your valve into the air ducts, in the cylinder vents on their own, or even even at the exhaust vents of the atmosphere valve, though the latter is smallest desirable.

From the’valve exhaust’ kind flow controller that the controls themselves may be enough away from the cylinder that the piston and pole may possibly have traveled the complete stroke before the exhaust leak controller can begin back-pressuring the line to slow the cylinder. Cylinder control reaction period is obviously negatively affected depending on the distance out of the cylinder to this flow controller refer to shis page.

Some people opt for needle valves to control the circulation of air in to and out of the air cylinder, thereby reducing it’s speed. The issue with having an needle valve to control the rate of an air cylinder is that it throttles the compacted air stream evenly in both directions.

If you’re employing a bigger cylinder, by squeezing the air into the cylinder, then you’re really steering clear of the eloquent tube stroke desired. As air pressure assembles in the cylinder it will attain the stage at which it overcomes the friction of the piston and rod seals and the piston will begin to move. As it moves, it advances the loudness of the atmosphere space in the cylinder supporting itself. Even the piston goes toward a end of the canister creating a bigger area supporting than in front of it. This is a place into which atmosphere has to flow fast to make sure that the piston keeps going. In case the atmosphere inrush cannot stay informed about the increasing pit size there’ll undoubtedly be insufficient pressure to keep the piston relocating, also it’ll halt. Therefore far too will your piston pole, and whatever tooling you have installed on the conclusion of this.

The rule of thumb for using a flow controller to reduce and smooth atmosphere cylinder piston travel is always to just control the exhaust air from the cylinder. The atmosphere flowing into the cylinder vent should at no time be reduced.

How can this accomplished?

Work with a”cylinder leak controller”. This is a device that may well not search any distinct from your needle valve. Inside, however, there’s a”needle bypass” that permits the atmosphere to skip the needle which is throttling the atmosphere reaching complete flow of air unidirectionally.

The”free flow” of compressed air air through the cylinder flow control permits the unit, if it’s set up in the right orientation, to offer full and un-throttled inrush of atmosphere into the air, nonetheless, the moment the valve gets shifted and the double-acting air cylinder has reversed, and the more air that is now flowing out of the air will be throttled to the degree required to achieve the cylinder speed desired.

There will be a second cylinder flow controller on the other point way too, and this works the exact manner.

As a result, air flow into the air ports at both end of this cylinder is completely unencumbered offering high-force piston movement. The piston is hoping to go rapidly and at total power, but since the exhaust flow of atmosphere is slowed from the air leak controller, the piston moves full power, but at a controlled and desired speed.

Most air leak controls will have a schematic over both sides showing the flow avenues to make sure that they are installed properly.

Some canister leak controllers have been built using sterile coated male threads for screwing to the canister jack, and using the”instant” form fitting to that the canister air line can be quickly outfitted , features which save time and dollars.

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