Should Medical Marijuana Be Considered a Gateway Drug?


There exists a gate way theory into bud that was termed the steppingstone theory. The idea states that if marijuana it self is not very harmful, with it will cause different drugs that are somewhat more dangerous. Over time bud has been speculated as an gate way to LSD, Heroin, or Cocaine. Should medical marijuana have been looked at a gate way medication then?

In fact, the concept doesn’t pass muster. Men and women who use cocaine are in fact likely to have used marijuana, which is more popular by way than cocaine. Medical bud does not lead people to use LSD, cocaine, or alcoholism.

A good analogy would be bicycle riding as opposed to bicycle riding. In contrast to motorcycle driving (in this case that really is cocaine use), a lot more people have staged a bike (in this case smoking bud ). Even the amount of those who ride a bicycle (use cocaine) who have staged a bicycle before (smoked marijuana) is quite large. Bicycle driving does not trigger bicycle riding, however, also increases in bike riding won’t lead to a greater incidence of motorcycle driving. The analogy develops to a growth in professional medical bud usage will not contribute to an growth in the usage of cocaine or other harder medication hemp oil cancer.

All-the analogy describes would be that a regular sequence in which events happen, maybe not a causation. As driving a bicycle doesn’t result in bicycle use, medical bud usage does not result in cocaine – it is simply a common sequence based on a high incidence activity (smoking bud ) as opposed to a minimal incidence activity (heroin, cocaine, or lsd use).

There also have been

reports in animals looking at an association among THC and the growth of dopamine availability. Researchers have explained marijuana is”priming” the brain for both cocaine and heroin usage. However, no studies have shown that”priming” animals with THC injections raises their urge to self-administer cocaine or heroin. The idea does not have any foundation in actuality.

Researchers from the National Institute on Drug Studies have proven that of the seventy two million Americans who have used bud (probably more like a hundred million since the scientific studies were conducted ), only 17% used cocaine greater than just one hundred days. This means that for every single 100 marijuana users, merely one currently utilizes cocaine.

Marijuana is by far probably the most frequently used illegal drug in the US today. Men and women who have used less popular illicit drugs, like heroin, cocaine, or LSD, are most likely to possess also utilized bud. Even the vast bulk of marijuana users not use some other prohibited medication and bud is normally a end medication, maybe not a gateway medication.

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