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Make Money on Facebook – It’s Easy!

Learning how to make money on Facebook is a good idea these days, as we are fortunate to be living in the era where your ad can reach millions at a very low cost.

Facebook has become one of the biggest sites in the world, with over 500 million members, and growing at an unbelievable rate! It presently competes well with the highest ranking search engines for delivering valuable content that people want to read. So why not cash in on this gold mine?

Make Money on Facebook By Making Friends and Connecting Buy Facebook Live Streams

There have been methods written about in the past to make money with Facebook as a network marketer. The procedure involves first joining groups to where you would find your target market. If you’re in network marketing, you could join MLM groups. Then, one by one, submit a friend request with a small note of how you’d “like to connect” because you think you can benefit each other. There have been network marketers who have made a killing on this procedure. However, this takes a lot of time, almost as much as going to one person at a time to pitch your opportunity, so you must be very persistent. And, who is to say that you’ll say the right thing?

Make Money on Facebook With A Fan Page…

Also, you can pay for a Facebook fan page. This technique is slightly more complicated to make money with Facebook. You would create a page representing what you want to promote. (As a network marketer, this should be you – and what you can offer to people.) For this method, you would need to scroll down to the bottom left of the screen until you see the link about creating your very own web page. You would need to follow the instructions within this link, and pay a fixed pay-per-click cost which could cover a number of viewers seeing your site. This has proven to be profitable, but, with the new rules, complicated techniques and higher rates that Facebook is coming up with, I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who is just starting out and knows very little about the internet or Facebook. If you choose to do this without guidance from a knowledgeable source, you can prepare to loose a little money, because it’s purely trial and error to get you ad copy created correctly. You will need to track your websites and see which fan pages work best, which attracts the most traffic, and which converts best.

But The Easiest and Fastest Way to Make Money on Facebook…..

There is an easier way, if you “piggy back” onto the website of a successful marketer…someone who is known in the industry and has a reputation for making money fast. That way, you don’t have to buy any software, create your own blog, learn technique html codes, create your own videos, or learn ad copy. Learning all that SEO stuff to make money with Facebook is ultimately recommended; however, it takes time. And, time is money. Who has money to waste?