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Developing your own writing style is essential to reach an audience. It is a basic ingredient in cooking up articles targeting a particular group. Yes, writing is by all means like cooking and being so, you can attract a special audience if you develop a style that can ignite a spark. Aiming to touch a specific group of readers requires creating a style just for the niche.

To write effectively, you must write from your own perspective. This is how you can start developing a style all your own. Get ready with your sticky notes and your alert mind, we are unveiling the secrets to developing a writing style.

Learn, digest and implement what you read and soon you will be developing your own writing style.

What does it mean to write from your own perspective different types of essays?

Let us heat things up with this basic lesson I learned from my mentors–expressing myself using words and phrases based from my own take of things. This is one of the best pieces of advice I have ever received, if not the best. And it’s wise to apply it too in your writing. Another reason it’s good advice is–you will have to go out and live your life away from your laptop. This will rejuvenate your creativity.

It can be as simple as walking in your neighborhood or observing the things that you see while driving on your way to work. As you do this, absorb everything you can see and hear.

You will be amazed to find and discover things you have not noticed at first when you were not aware of this exercise. It’s interesting we walk the same surroundings everyday but miss lots of details. We might be thinking of how to arrange our day or maybe analyzing steps of a business project. These thoughts prevent us from seeing wonderful things around us.

How can you build your own point of view?

The Power of Observation

We can say that we go around blind most of the time. It’s interesting that we can pass the same way everyday but we do not notice the things that we see. We go to the same commercial center on a daily basis but hardly take note of how the display area of a store resembles a portion of your uncle’s convenience store.

What am I saying here? We went around seeing these things but we were mentally absent. We were running blind. Let’s resolve to change things. From now on, when we go out we will use the power of observation.

Align your attitude accordingly

We have to start somewhere. If you have been mentally frigid in the past, make up your mind and be passionate. Be ultra curious. Like the cat which got curious and died, be eager to know what’s going on, crave to know the answers but don’t die, OK? We still have lots of fabulous lessons coming up so I need you to be alive so we can continue.

Eat everything that you can see. Feed your hunger for details and knowledge. Be a sponge for information. Absorb all the dirt that you see like a janitor fish. Go explore your world. Explore the world around you.

What words will you use to describe the houses lined up on your street? Imagine that you are informing your long-lost cousin who lives in a far away continent. He has almost zero chance to come visit you so you can only write about it. What words and phrases will you use to help him visualize those structures?

How can you paint a vivid picture of these homes?

Make a difference, think differently

Several writers will use the same words or style to write about the houses. They may scribble,”It is a stone house, with cracked blue and white paint, having black shutters as accent and a spacious loan”. Writers may use proper ways of expressing thoughts to convey visuals representing the actual house, however, you should do it differently.

As a good writer, you must make sure that you write picture words which will distinguish each house from the rest. Make your words act like a camera. Let those sentences show different angles to engage your audience.

When you do this, your readers will mentally see what you are describing.

Developing your own writing style will help you leap to a higher level in your writing career. This significant aspect in writing will assist you in establishing yourself as a credible writer.