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Fountain Fountain

If you are considering adding a pet fountain to your home and pet’s life, you are making good sense. There’s no disputing the benefits to a pet’s health that happen when you give them a supply of moving clean water. Simultaneously, these popular pet accessories make your life easier therefore it really is a win win situation.

A lot of people feel it is propaganda by the companies that make the product when they are told of the benefits that come with a pet fountain. This is one situation when the sales pitch is actually factual. In nature, animals do not usually drink from stagnant water. They search out moving water because they naturally just know that moving water is likely to be cleaner and fresher to drink. They also find water that is moving more interesting than water that is not moving. It is a given that pets that use a pet fountain drink more and so they stay hydrated more. The overall health benefits are hard to deny Dogs Orb.

Urinary tract and kidney issues are extremely common in pets, especially cats. The biggest reason these health issues happen is simply not drinking enough water. It goes back to the simple fact that when pet owners get their pets to drink additional water, that is practically a guarantee that they will be in better health.

There are loads of choices in these fountains available nowadays, so it could require just a little bit of research in order to know the right one for your situation. The right way to approach your choice is to first narrow down your choices to two or three, then research those further. A number of veterinarians urge cat owners to stay away from plastic pet fountains given that bacteria can grow on plastic quicker than other materials. Excellent alternatives to plastic are ceramic or stainless steel.

Most fountains operate in the same way. A small pump is used in order to recirculate the water through a charcoal filter and up through some manner of fountain. This might look just like a drinking fountain spout, or maybe have water that runs down a ramp or orb. Each manufacturer has their own style when it comes to just how the water flows through and comes out of the fountain.

When you are going to place the pet water fountain in an out of the way place, you can choose pretty much any fountain. But if the pet fountain will be in a more high traffic location such as the cooking area or eating area, you might want to consider some of the more upscale looking fountains. Consider the ceramic fountains, and choices in stainless steel, because they are definitely the best looking of all the available fountains.