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beach towel beach towel

It is officially summer here in California, and the beach is calling. As people who like to hang out on the beach, it is time to pack the gear and head to the sand and water. However fun it is with sand on the beach, we definitely don’t want to take any sand home afterward. Therefore, to have an anti-sand beach towel with you becomes critical. We bath and swim sometime near the beach for sure, so an absorbent beach towel could be very helpful since it will dry your off easily without being wet and soggy.  There is no way I would go to a beach vacation without bringing a light microfiber beach towel with me.


There are so many beach blankets available online including microfiber beach towel, cotton towels, and other towels in velvet fabric.  To find the best beach towel among so many options is not an easy task. Some have vibrant and stunning colors while some may possibly have simple stripe designs for the minimalist.  


There are few tips for getting the best beach towel:

  1. The pattern

The design of the beautiful beach towel is the first thing comes to the eye, so I personally prefer to choose a vibrant and tropical-like beach towel. A beautiful beach towel would add up the joyful mood for the trip and also be a light element in taking photos.

  1. The material

There are different materials available like cotton, microfiber, and velvet. The cotton and velvet towel is very soft however the microfiber beach blanket would be the best choice for taking all factors into consideration. The microfiber beach towel from GoBreezie is super absorbent due to its woven method of the microfiber, the towel itself takes up a liter of water. When you are holding the towel that is already soaked and wet, surprisingly it is not soggy and dripping. Another benefit is that it is rapid drying. Lay the towel out under the sunshine directly, and it will thoroughly dry within an hour.

  1. The size

A full-size beach blanket is 63*31 inches which are perfect for one person. Since it is light and small, it is a perfect travel beach towel as well. The extra large beach blanket could be either round or square, and it is usually for the whole family.

  1. The price

The cost of a beach blanket would range from $20~$150 based on the brand, material, and size. The most expensive doesn’t necessarily be the best one. Choose the right beach blanket for your trip is always the wise thing to do. If you are a beach lover who likes to have multiple beach blankets and beach towels, then store some while some stores are having a big discount end of the summer season. Check out GoBreezie for 20% off today.


GoBreezie beach towels are designed to be sand-free, the microfiber fabric guarantees its absorbency and quick dry. The beautiful beach towels are the best essential for your summer vacation.