Penis Enlargement Drugs – Do They Really Work?


Many people are embarrassed when it comes to going to bed and having sex with a gorgeous lady. There are so many pharmaceutical firms and adverts asking you to buy their penis enlargement products these days…we are flooded by them every day when reading newspapers, emails or when surfing the internet. I know what you are thinking…do these highly acclaimed products really work? Or are they just out there to exploit people’s inner fears for financial incentive? Don’t worry, this article helps to take apart all the myths out there and help you regain your confidence in your sexual prowess.

Think about it, some of us are tall, some short in height. In a normal population ไททัน เจล, there would be people in the extreme ends of the spectrum. So don’t worry unless you are at in the middle range somewhere! In fact, there is evidence to suggest that those with penis lengths more than nine inches can cause discomfort to women during sex. Those girls in the porn industry only do what they do because they are paid for their hard efforts, honestly!

There are many drugs out there that claim to improve your penis size, perhaps the most famous amongst them extagen. Don’t believe any of the “evidence” that they present to you…they are just out there to scam your money. If you are still wondering, try searching for scientific backing for these “miracle pills” on well publicized sites like PubMed. I have yet to see anything that would convince me otherwise.

From a medical viewpoint, these drugs can be even hazardous to your health. Although some would claim they are made of entirely natural herbs or ingredients, it is risky to say that there would be no side effects when taking these medications. You have to continuously ask yourself this question: Is this pill safe to take? Even if a pill passes through FDA regulations, the long term profile of these drugs are often unknown and may lead to reactions in certain individuals.

Finally, bear in mind that it is not only down to penis size when it comes to pleasing the ladies. Don’t forget that other parts of our body such as your tongue and hands are equally important when partaking in intercourse. Rather than bearing the guilt on our own, ask your partner about your concerns…do they really find it as the same problem as you do? If you are still hesitant about going to bed with someone, you can always speak to a doctor in complete anonymity. My final message to you is, don’t suffer alone, there are many others out there thinking exactly the same as you.

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