Do App Download Numbers Really Matter?


After you deploy your app and kickstart the advertising campaign, you start out tracking a pair of metrics to assess the accomplishment of one’s application. But what depends on how you define success and in your vision of this app’s aims. There’s no app owner who does not want his invention to become an overnight sensation with several million downloads. But are these down load amounts that important, can you rely on them to say with full confidence your app is powerful? Are there traits that require extra attention?

A closer look indicates that down load AppValley numbers cannot be the only real metric to rely on. They do not demonstrate the real value of your program, specially if compared with other vital metrics. In certain way they can be rather delusive. Let us see the reason why they can not reveal anything concrete, if believed in their very own.

Why App Downloads Are A Delusive Metric

After you launch this application, the very first couple of weeks usually show the down load flourish. You promote it, encourage it, look through the very first reviews on app stores and maybe technology blogs. But an app that’s downloaded does not absolutely get launched; a established application is not necessarily used at least one time; what’s more, an normal program has a large likelihood of never being used more often than once. That’s the reason why lots of downloads usually do not quite mean that your app is great.

People are inclined to down load loads of programs, but so on may eliminate this collecting excess on their homescreen. It’s tough to catch focus on some thing that’s constantly rolling inside the prosperity of same-structured pages on application stores. Even tougher it is to maintain consumers’ attention.

Analytics programs do count downloads but do not depend deletions. This makes the download metric even more obscure while it constantly grows. Program downloads do not let you know anything which will help make your app better. You should not know too much about them, you need to learn more on the subject of user behaviour and gather feedback.

There Are Things That Matter Over Downloads

Even when the app gets downloaded, it can easily be thrown away over a time period. When it’s not found at once, users may ignore it and just delete later on. What matters this is the true usage. Exactly how long do people spend in the own app? How well does it coincide with your calculations? There is an expected average time an individual spends on an app, depending upon its purpose, which is what should be measured and examined. Such things are far more precious than bare variety of downloads.

The program can be simply paid, this means direct earnings; also it can be free with another monetization model aboard, say, freemium. Whatever, if it will not offer you great consumer experience, it will not be a hit. There is a gap in simply getting a program sold by almost any way and earning its users happier by the very fact of its existence. Thinking long term, the latter will be vitally crucial. Of course should differently, if the quantities of downloads are not as huge as you expected, then the program is not fundamentally a failure.

A bit of good, lasting program needs to boost interest of potential users, participate them, retain them after the first usages, and then convert them into paying users. If you want to create your app valuable and make sure it remains valuable after the installation, you ought ton’t consider program download numbers as a significant announcement of the program’s success. Surely it’s great when it has downloaded over and over again, and the counter starts tracking, however, that is perhaps not the app’s value on its own.

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