How to Buy a Bamboo Bed Sheet


Buying bedding sheets made from eco friendly materials such as bamboo are becoming more popular. These bedsheets are not only environmentally friendly but they are softer than cotton based bedsheets as well. In this article, I will give you some tips on what to look out for when buying bamboo bed sheets. Many mainstream retailers are now carrying such products so it will not difficult for you to purchase them.

Before buying the bed sheets, it is important for you to know the exact size of your sleeping area. Use a measuring tape to correctly measure how big your bed is. Fortunately, most of the sizes are now standardised and come in king, queen, single, double etc.So, once you know the size of your bed, you will know what particular bed sheet size you will need.

When buying bedsheets, you will want to look for out the following characteristic: softness, durability and being breathable. All these will depend very much on the material used. Bamboo can satisfy the above criteria very well. sheet set It is a very breathable material, allowing the sheet to be cool during summer. The fabric is also strong, enabling the bed sheet to last longer than cotton based ones.

Within bamboo, there are different grades of quality. The best quality is from China which produces mass quantity of bamboo per year. If you are looking for high quality bamboo bedsheets, the best way is to touch and feel the fiber within the sheets. A good quality bed sheet can feel great and luxurious. On the other hand, an interior fiber will feel tough and not as comfortable.

For durability, the best way to gauge is to know the thread count. Thread count is the amount of threads per square inch and basically indicates how dense the weaving has been done. A high density or thread count will signal a more durable bedsheet. On the average, you should go for more than 400 thread counts to be certain of getting a solid bamboo bedsheet.

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