Drug Addiction Treatment – Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome


Drug dependence treatment plans help tens of thousands of addicts create lasting recoveries each year. Drug addiction clinics across the United States use proven techniques to assist their patients make lifestyle changes that are critical. Though cure packages survive just a couple of months, these changes allow for lifelong sobriety.

Regrettably , a condition named Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome – or PAWS – interrupts the recoveries on the majority of rehab patients. Putting in instantly after detox, even PAWS may additionally create it extremely tricky for even the most avid patients to engage their treatments. Below are some of the symptoms www.serenityoakswellness.com.


*Schizophrenic behavior

*Emotional numbness

*Frequent outbursts and Over-reactions

*Ongoing medication cravings

*New cravings for food along with other compounds

*lack of engine Abilities

*Performance reduction

*Bipolar handicap

*Lack of attention

*Feelings of despair



Lots of PAWS symptoms make sufferers appear to be actively using medication. This phenomenon – known as”ironic drunkenness” – could be exceedingly disheartening for people seeking to steer clear of drug and alcohol misuse in societal settings. Men and women who observe these symptoms regularly stigmatize recovering addicts, even mistaking their condition for a lack of nourishment.

On account of the prevalence and hazards of PAWS, many rehab practices have begun to generate the mitigation of its symptoms a premier priority. Below are some of the methods drug addiction treatment specialists utilize to help their individuals.


Only teaching patients about the PAWS symptoms that they experience could be essential for sustained recoveries. Mental problems and medication cravings cause addicts feel helpless – understanding the type of those indicators might offer them revived expect sobriety. When patients understand that PAWS is not indicative of neglected healing, they are able to function with the discomfort and prevent relapse.


Spiritual techniques like prayer and meditation can help addicts keep constructive and alleviate the pain of post acute withdrawal. Spirituality is among the very best treatment strategies as it gives patients the sense that their own lives have meaning and objective. Setting objectives and dwelling intentionally prevents addicts from succumbing to depression, stress, and other mental difficulties.

*Bodily Care

Bodily stress frequently correlate mental and emotional anxiety, leading to strong drug cravings. By using proper care of their own bodies, addicts may prevent several of the cravings from occurring. Appropriate nourishment retains energy hormone and high levels balanced, even while vigorous physical exercise induces mood-elevating endorphin releases. Patients learn those customs during rehabilitation, but they should exercise them each day to reduce or avoid additional cravings.


Even though any drug usage might be harmful to recovering addicts, PAWS therapy sometimes requires drugs. This clinic might be especially valuable for those who have problems with co-occurring emotional conditions. Patients with extreme depression can often over come their PAWS symptoms with an attentive management of antidepressants, and painkillers may help people who undergo chronic physical distress after childbirth.

In the event that you or somebody you know is struggling with alcohol or drugs, go to on the links below to obtain a rehabilitation clinic near you. No matter how severe your dependence isa drug dependence treatment program will be able to allow you to get back on your own feet.

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